Yoga is a lifelong process of practice
Reach within to discover your intrinsic Self with Yoga. Come with us for this journey of self transformation
Our Visionary Framework
Holistic Living
Familarise and implement the philosophy of Yoga mentioned in the Patanjali Yoga Sutras as tools for mental well being and holistic living
Use yogic practices as a preventive, palliative or curative therapy in life style ailments and diseases
Facilitate an overall transformation of personality by making a person physically fit, mentally strong, emotionally balanced and intellectually sharp
Life Bliss
Assist others to reach within the internal recesses of their heart to discover the bliss of human existence
The importance of yoga to achieve harmony in all aspects of life
Harmony Yoga was born in 2016 as an attempt by three housewives to spread the knowledge and practice of Yoga. The three met each other whilst formally studying Yoga and after realizing the benefit of Yoga themselves decided to teach Yoga to others. The enterprise was named Harmony Yoga to signify the importance of Yoga to achieve harmony in all aspects of life.
Experience the change in you
Harmony Yoga in its six years of existence has permanently impacted for the better the lives of the participants. Students have lost more than 5 kgs with our Yogic Weight Loss Program Workshop. One individual could not walk without support due to a paralysis stroke but with Yoga practices now performs most asanas and walks without support. Another student with lower back injury was fearful of any activity, but after a few months of therapy practice at Harmony was able to perform Surya namaskars. Apart from that many of our students have shown great improvement in areas like diabetes, PCOD, thyroid issues, anxiety, stress, etc.